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You want to kick-start your personal brand building for a new job, career change or to start your own business?

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How does Josephine's Coaching SUPPORT YOU?

1:1 Coaching

Let me support you everywhere, anytime with phone calls, email and self-coaching guides

Self-coaching material

All of the packages include self-coaching material, such as questionnaires, check-boxes and videos to help you in your transformation process beyond the 1:1 coaching.

Branding Strategy

The coaching packages include performance strategy research in accordance to your message

Time Management and BUDGET Planning

Let me introduce you to techniques and practices for integrating fitness and fashion into your office days with the budget you have.

Expert Cooperations

Access to Experts Talks in the field of fashion, beauty and fitness are designed to help you find the right simple and smart investment for your lifestyle! Stay up-to-date and get advice from experts all in one place.

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This is how Josephine's coaching Helped Professionals at Work

Josephine's helped me greatly to prepare my outift for an upcoming client meeting. It was important to me to show my professionalism and capability as this particular client had some prejudices about my age and gender. The client was quiet conservative but instead of going with the classic bossy grey-suit we decided to play with soft feminine colors to support my female power. I loved her coaching as her experience in corporate together with her creative mind opens news ideas of dressing in office
Account Manager

Who is Josephine?

This is the coaching blog of Josephine. The content and brands I present on this blog is in line with my K.I.S.S. criteria of keeping it simple and smart at the office. After working in the corporate world, I realized that fashion and fitness is not an easy topic for professionals (especially the young ones just starting their career). I decided to create this blog to show my knowledge and experience gained in my study at LSE as well as my Fitness Trainer Lizenz to give some nudges how to make life easier while working 9-5.  High quality standards, credibility and authenticity are important to me and I would not publish content or advice I would not follow myself. Enjoy reading. 


This website is only giving information. Readers should still consult with their own professional advisor before making a decision (financial planning, health or other fields). An advising client-relationship is only formed when you have signed a coaching agreement. 

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