Experts Talk – Dress like a Lady, Think Like a Boss

Female elegance and leadership at work. Looking at many female business collections, it often seems that leadership is linked to suits and black and blue colors. Ave Camilla, fashion expert at, shows us that we can keep that grey costume in the wardrobe and still can build up an image of leadership the audience can emotionally relate to. Step into a world of color, prints and dresses and get inspired for your next business meeting.

Fashion is a mirror of our personality – what would your style tell us about you?

I’d like to think that my style is feminine, fun, and approachable. I think oftentimes people thing dresses are “fancier” than trousers, but in reality my obsession with dresses stems from how comfortable and at ease they make me feel. When creating an outfit with trousers, you need to think of a lot more pieces to put together, however when you wear a dress it does most of the work for you. 

You have a lovely style showing your individual character – what advice would you give a young professional searching for such a feminine and elegant office outfit? (I know you love dresses but can trousers also look feminine?)

Thank you so much, that is so nice of you to say! When I’m looking to buy a dress there are a few things I always look out for: what is the length of the dress, what is the fit of the dress, and what season can I wear the dress in? I find that if something is synched at the waist and then fans out, even if it is a bit shorter it will still look elegant. However, if it is tight fitting then I would recommend to have something a bit longer so that it is still office appropriate. I also try to pick dresses that I can bring with me across the seasons. Some of my favorite dresses I wear all year round and just style differently i.e. by switching sandals for boots and adding a turtle neck underneath. Honestly one of the most important things for my is comfort. I like to move around and eat what I want without having to feel self-conscious and therefore I want a dress that is flattering in any scenario. I think some people look so amazing and feminine in trousers! I think it is all about proportions and playing with them. For example, I love tighter trousers with a slightly looser silk top and a longer blazer. On the flip side if I’m wearing looser trousers, I would want to wear a more form flattering top. 

Jewelry is always a difficult question in the office – how would you combine it?

I love jewelry, and in the past few years I have definitely started building up my collection (mostly from my favorite jewelry store in Canada – Blu Boho). I personally like layering delicate pieces, whether that be a few necklaces or a stack of rings (or both). I keep my statement jewelry for weekends. Same as with dresses, I strongly believe the jewelry you wear should be comfortable. We spend most of our days at work, and the last thing I would want was to feel like I had to remove my jewelry because it was weighing on me. 

What are your 3 basic pieces you would recommend as a must have?

A comfortable dress, a blazer, and a cute pair of booties. I feel those are 3 pieces you can bring with you throughout the seasons and constantly style in different ways. 

What has been your best investment in fashion so far?

A designer handbag (for example a Chanel flap bag). While it seems like an excessive amount of money to spend on something (not that I disagree), if it is a classic bag the resale value grows year on year, so you can use it for years and if the time ever comes to sell it you know it hasn’t lost its value. I try to steer clear of “it” bags as I know they have a much shorter lifespan. Looking at resale sites is a great way to gauge the interest in designers and particular bag models.

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