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Signed for several agencies in Asia and Europe, Katharina Knight, a German-Chinese model is used to keep up her fitness routine while traveling and fighting jet lag. For Josephine’s Coaching Club, she shares some of her tips how to keep it simple and smart in your fitness routine while on-the-go.

What are your fitness goals as a model for 2019?
For me working out is not only vital for my physique but also for my mind. I have observed that engaging in at least 20min of physical exercise each day, benefits my mind a lot. I am less stressed and feel a lot more productive. My goals are to sustain that feeling and slowly become stronger and fitter without pressuring myself too much.

How much time do you workout per week?
In the gym, around 3-4 times a week: I spent usually 2h including warm-up, stretching and sometimes going to the sauna (if one is available). On the days where I cannot go to the gym, I try to move myself for around 20min each day, as yoga.

How does your fitness routine look like?
Running is quite hard for me, so I usually start with incline walking on the treadmill (incline level around 10) for 30 minutes. If I have a lot of energy on that day, I will run for 10min. Then, I usually use the TRX bands to train my abs and legs. TRX is great as most exercises usually include multiple muscles in your whole body. Recently, I have started using some of the weight machines available. I like the ones that support you with doing push ups, to strengthen my shoulders and back, as I often overlook these areas. I finish-off with stretching and yoga exercises. One of my favorite move is jumping up to a monkey bar, and then lock my legs on the bar and hang „upside-down“. This really decompresses my spine and helps with my scoliosis.

Do you change your fitness routine?
If I have a period of time where I am more free in my daily routine, I like to experiment with weight training and will watch step by step intros and explore how I feel with each of them. If something works out well, I try to incorporate the exercises in my main workouts,

How do you manage to keep up your routine with inconsistent and time lacking lifestyle? Observing myself! How do I respond to time passed without working out? I started to acknowledge that especially for women our energy levels during the month vary, paying attention to how I feel gives me the flexibility to adjust my workout, sometimes making it easier and sometimes increasing the difficulty level. If I am traveling, I do short body weight exercises and stretching to move at least a little bit. Instead of running I will use my jumping rope.

What was your best fitness workout investments so far?
My jumping rope! It is so easy to do, does not take up much space and will get your heart rate up fast.

What advice would you give for someone having high fitness goals but an inconsistent lifestyle as you manage integrating workouts? It is really easy, once you start building a habit, for example of working out only 15 minutes in the morning (or evening if you prefer), you can fall back on that habit in times where the gym is not available and you might be stressed from work or travel. The most important thing is probably not to stop at all, even if you workout is short, your body will less likely decline in performance and you can manage to maintain your muscles. And forgive yourself for not always performing the same! There are many external influences that can affect your mindset or your energy level. Also, actively plan a time frame each day, or some days of the week that you dedicate to working out helps. Treat that time frame like an important meeting. Because it is! It is a time that you invest in your body and your mind, which are necessary to your overall success and happiness. Everyone of us has different body types and responses to working out. For me nutrition and sport are closely related and I am aware it might not work for everyone, but fasting for 16-18 hours 2 times a week really helps to keep my cravings in check and maintaining my weight. Some people strive on the keto diet, others do really well with a higher carb intake. Observe your body and try to understand what makes you feel good and what does not.

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