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Gym 13 at Kobox

As a coach, it is important for me to give you guidance that will help you plan and enjoy your fitness journey. I want you to learn to recognize the most suitable workouts for your fitness journey. It is important that you learn not to blindly follow another Instagram fitness trend. Instead, you should know how to listen to your body’s needs and find the right workout for yourself. A fitness goal is very personal, as is your fitness journey. Therefore, let me introduce you to my workout location of the week: Gym 13 at KOBOX! 

Besides a wide range of excellent boxing classes (def worth a try), it offers single gym sessions! Just choose a 90min slot for £20.00 (subject to change, check website). No membership obligations, no administration fees.

The concept is great and so is the value you get for your money: 

  • PTs with great knowledge ready to assist on the floor 
  • Bespoke 4, 8, 12 week program service
  • Digital PT program ( perfect for frequent travelers)
  • Latest but easy to use equipment (for all levels)
  • Equipment for complex functional training (for the athletes among us)
  • Space for floor exercises as well as spacious machine/lifting area
  • Wide equipment range for flexibility, speed and coordination
  • Nice and inspiring community 
  • Privacy as the number of people is limited
  • Good hygiene in the gym and the shower rooms 

The hourly gym concept has an advantageous point in comparison to a normal gym: No Memberships! No annual or monthly ones with termination clauses and pre-payment as well as administration costs. If you feel that having a busy and unpredictable work schedule, which leads to an unused or rarely used membership, then this calculation might help to determine what is better for you: If you calculate in advance how much your annual membership costs and break it down in hours, how often would you need to go to be break-even and how often do you go?

If you realized that your membership is not fitting your lifestyle, then this might be right for you. In any case, the Gym 13 at KOBOX is a great example of new flexible gym locations. So have a look by yourself and let me know how you like it. 



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