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YOUNG PROFESSIONALS! Dressing creatively for work is not easy but some young professionals seem to have mastered the code of looking flawless in office 9-5, Monday to Friday. I have asked some of these office fashion icons to share their secrets with Josephine’s. This time, I would like to introduce you to Olya, working in real estate, she shows us how she masters to combine 3 elegant and feminine smart- casual outfits for a business trip (with only one carry-on hand piece), how she understands #powerdressing and what her best investment piece for her office wardrobe has been so far! 

What is important to you when setting together your business outfits and why did you pick these pieces?

It’s is important for me to convey trustworthiness and reliability to a client, this is why too short skirts, too colourful outfits are in my opinion no-go. Nevertheless, to introduce a „casual touch“ to an outfit it is possible to bring some colourful detail, like handkerchief for men or colourful scarf for women.

The hashtags #powerdressing and #positivefashion were the key statements of fashion month 2019. What does this mean to you for office style? 

Power dressing is for me dressing in a way that emphasizes female femininity and at the same time allows them to be confident in a room full of men. At a workplace women are usually discriminated in terms of gender inequality. I don’t find, however, that to be able to seem on the same page with men women have to dress just like men. For me, even when dressing professionally it is important to be individual and to stand out.

What was your best fashion investment for your business wardrobe so far? 

My best fashion investment so far were white shirts. There can never be too many of them! In fact, my most favorite shirt comes from Mango and I bought it for a very reasonable price. The second favorite is from Saint Laurent. The material is unbeatable and the cut is classic which will never go out of fashion.

Outfit 1

A trench coat over a dress is a classic option for business trips and can easily be combined over a blazer. A big shopper in blue gives the outfit a discreet touch of color and is handy on a business trip as it offers space for a laptop and travel items.

Outfit 2

A blazer defines the shoulders, which gives the outfit an attribute of power. The Ice blue color, the color of hope and loyalty adds a feminine and fresh touch.

Outfit 3

Black & White is a combination always practical for a business trip as it is neutral and can be dressed day-to-night. Different patterns and shades gives it a playful touch. The small heel of the shoes are perfect for long days. 

Olya proves us that fashion at work even while traveling can be simple and smart! If you have questions about her outfits or feel like you need updates on your fashion at work just write me and I am happy to do a 15min consultation call. 

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