How To Improve Your Fitness Routine with The Body Composition Analysis

Hello October! 

It’s the beginning of a new month and we are full of energy setting up our new fitness goals. The market supply has a range of workouts to offer and we have certain budget to spend on our fitness. Workouts are expensive, so it is not easy to pick and choose + decisions have to be made quick, as popular classes fill up quickly. So you have a wide range of workout options to put in your fitness portfolio to increase your performance level. BUT would you invest in something, if you don’t have data on your portfolio?

Probably not, cause the chances that you loose money is high and it is inefficient. As in investing in any other thing, investing in your next fitness class is also depending on data. How can you set goals and do workouts if you do not know parameters and performance of your body? Yes, you can in theory … but it is risky concerning your health and there is a high chance you do not yield results.

Therefore, Fitness in any way starts with a diagnose – before setting or executing your goals.

Collaborating with Ella Di Rocco MediaSpa, learn the most accurate data about your body composition such as fat, muscle mass and water levels within seconds and without pitching and discomfort. The system works with sending low-level currents through your body with food and hand electrodes. It is an easy and precise way of determining your fitness level, to be able to define your fitness goals and plan a workout routine suiting both your body composition and your work schedule. And the best thing: it just takes seconds, perfect for a quick after-work check-up.

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