How to Keep It Warm and Cozy in the Office

This one is for the ones always freezing at the office, the ones sitting right under the air condition or the ones who always have to make a cup of tea in the meeting room to have a heat source. I feel you – I am one of you! After working in small start-up office without heating and big corporate office with amazing air condition system set up to 17 degree right over my place I have found the wardrobe keys to be warm but still comply with business casual rules even in conservative companies.  


Material is the key to success when it comes to keeping it warm! Try to avoid synthetic material as it only makes you sweat but will not be able to store the body’s heat. Instead, go with natural material such as wool, cashmere or silk. There are a bit more expensive but last very long. A mix of wool and cashmere is cheaper than the 100% one and is still a good alternative (50% for example). Recommendable Brands are Massimo Dutti, N. Peal, Max Mara, Lodenfrey, Stenströms, Hanro

Cut & Shape

Turtle neck is perfect for people who have problems with their neck being affected by cold weather. V-Neck is nice as it is very feminine. Round neck is a bit more conservative but both work great with a blouse under. I would not recommend short arms or waste cut as these are the areas you should keep warm. 


Coming from the coast, layering is the survival kit to have. Layering is perfect to keep warm but also to adjust to different temperatures relatively easily. It is wisely, to take pullovers in bigger sizes as it allows the  body to create heat as well as to layer easily. Just make sure that with each layer you are still formal enough for the companies dress code. 

My Layering: 100% wool top, blouse, pullover, cape or Blazer


Price wise, warm clothes are in the higher range. Because of this, it is very important for  me that I can easily combine them throwout the week with different pieces of clothing. I choose pullovers in soft or neutral shades such as cream, grey or blue as they go well with every color. Moreover, I choose pullovers in a size that it is not too tight so I can do layering and that it allows my body to create heat. 

PS: Think sustainable and shop combinable pieces like My shoes!

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