Why I love Barry’s Bootcamp – 5 reasons

Burn, Baby Burn!

Working from 9-5 in an office means normally spending a lot of time in a seated position. Therefore, I suggest trying workouts that incorporate running. While searching for a new class, that includes running + weights, my friends suggested to me Barry’s Bootcamp.

The workout is straight forward: Intervals of floor work with weights and on the treadmill over 60min. Today was my third time in 2 weeks and I am still in love with it! 

1. Full Body Training Deluxe

The treadmill gives great condition training and the floor work with weights incorporates focused muscle training especially of the upper body, which is normally the part you are weak as a runner.

2. Intervals

Interval training is a great way to improve your condition, burn and build muscles as it pushes the trigger to push beyond the comfort zone.

3. Flexibility

The floor work as well as the treadmill intervals allow enough adoption flexibility for everyone.

4. Vibe

The music as well as the people create a great atmosphere that makes me smile and feeling good. 

5. Variety

The classes offer a great variety of exercises so you do not get bored as well as your muscles get a new challenge every time you go.

Side Note

The only note I have is that when you go, make sure you have practiced the basic moves such as plank, burpees or chest press in the gym in slow motion as the bootcamp itself does not allow insecurity in that field which can lead to inaccurate exercising. And one more thing: Yes protein shakes are yummy and have good ingredients BUT think of your goals and ask the staff about the calories as some of them are heavy bombs more suitable for body building. They have low calorie options so just ask.

Hope to see you at Barry’s next time!

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