Beauty @ Work

Simple and Smart Beauty Look for the Office

How can Beauty Help you to be successful at work in presenting yourself

What is an easy make-up look for a business meeting?

1. Avenè Couvrance Mascara 2. Chanel Les Beiges Blush Stick Nr 8 3. Skinicer® Ocean Kiss 4. Da Vinci Eyelashes 5. M2 Beaute

Sustainable Make-up Remover

How to remove make-up sustainably without paper tissues?

A very important question but I know from my time in the office that it is not easy to keep up a healthy beauty routine with public toilets, frequent traveling/ meetings and open-space offices. As a person with a very simple and old school beauty routine (due to a very difficult skin type), I am always searching for simple but smart beauty tools also easy-to-use at work. This time, I found an exciting one on a beauty fair in Germany: The MakeUp Radierer. The material, the multi-purpose usage as well as the price makes it definitely a K.I.S.S product.

What is the MakeUp Radierer? It is a super soft, hypoallergenic microfiber cloth which cleans your skin from even the toughest water-proved Make-up without irritating the skin. Free of silicons, parabens, colouring or fragrances, make-up comes off residue-free for every skin type. Absolutely “the pure way of cleaning”!!

1 product, 3 steps – very simple and smart!

So far, so good. But what makes it outstanding smart, is it light texture and innovative usability: it is a face cleaner and make-up remover without liquid, meaning it can easily be taken in your handbag while on a business travel. Moreover, as foaming, washing and toning are not longer a thing, you save a lot of weight and space in your suitcase and it fits easily in your daily beauty  bag for work.

All you need in your travel bag is the MakeUp Radierer!

Another great thing about the easy handling of the MakeUp Radierer is that you can refresh your make-up at work in minutes (+ its peeling effect creates a nice glow). Perfect for feeling fresh in the afternoon or before going for an after-work drink. All you need to do is wipe your skin with this super fluffly cloth.

Fresh glow and fresh feeling thanks to the peeling effect!

Last but not least, a K.I.S.S product needs to have a sustainable purpose. The founder of the MakeUp Radierer wanted to show that a clean skin & clean environment is definitely possible. Not using cotton pads, wipes or cleanser packaged in glass or plastic saves energy and waste! Prices start from €7,45 for a single reusable pad. Have a look at their product range (also in stylish grey for business man) and find out by yourself how easy it can be to have a simple & smart cleaning routine as a professional.

P.S.: Quality but also transparency is important to me. This is a sponsored article of a product fulfilling my K.I.S.S criteria.  As this is a business and I put a lot of effort in it, I get a small commission for purchases through my website. 

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What fragrance is fresh and light for a business meeting?

1. Sisley Eau de Champagne 2. Van Cleef & Arpels California Rêverie 3. Cloe L'eau de Chloe

Red Lipstick CHoice for work

Searching for a hydrating and natural lipstick with collagen and intense color?

RED Lipstick is very powerful, very dramatic and sensual. So definitely not an easy color to wear at work but using different shades of red is a good way to wear it in the formal environment.  

Red has a symbolism of power, energy, passion, fire and femininity (Renee, 2016; Lurie, 1981; Morton, 2012). The darker the red, the more passionate it is whereas lighter shades as pink are related to softness, infancy but also sympathy, admiration and marriage (McDonald, 2016; Lurie, 1981; Singh and Srivastava, 2011, p.202). Besides this symbolic meaning, I would go for lighter red/pink shades at work rather than dark red as it a fresh and discreet way of wearing red. 

Beides the color,  wearing red lipstick in the office is very tricky in two other apsects: A. it has to be perfectly applied and B. it has to last long without looking dry or smeared. Especially at work or during a business dinner, it can be quiet frustrating and uncomfortable while on a business dinner to wear red lipstick as one is more worried about the condition of its lipstick than enjoying the conversation. Besides not leaving the house without the Mavala Lipstick base which is my go-to-tool for any lipstick, I found a lipstick which is not only rich in color but also in quality ingredients and perfect for woman (like me) with very dry lips.

The Skinicer Ocean Kiss by Ocean Pharma combines the best of nature and color to create lipsticks that are moisturizing, regenerative and protective. The brand itself explains the following 6 benefits of using the lipstick (oceanpharma, 2019): 

  1. antimicrobially protection with microalgae ingredient
  2. collagen building function for anti-aging
  3. optimum of cellgeneration
  4. great for sensitive lips (herpes) as it can be combined with Spiralin creme
  5. intensive colours
  6. vegan

Having used the lipstick for a long time already, I can speak of experience that the lipstick is making great smooth and full lips and is great if you want a natural long-lasting color. For me which makes it also a great K.I.S.S product is the innovative packaging without a cover makes it a smart beauty gadget for traveling or in the beauty bag without the risk or losing the cover or contamination.

The SKINICER OCEAN KISS comes now in beautiful colors for autumn and winter suitable for the office. Use YWQJYDW8 for your purchase and get discount. 

P.S.: Quality but also transparency is important to me. This is a sponsored article of a product fulfilling my K.I.S.S criteria.  As this is a business and I put a lot of effort in it, I get a small commission for purchases through my website.