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THe Power of sustainable Fashion

K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple and smart is the key message of Josephine’s Coaching Club. This is Fashion which is combinable for work and leisure and sustainable in material and with long-lasting quality. In this blog, brands fulfilling these criteria and creating inspiring business outfits, get a platform to spread their message. This time, the amazingly talented team of Oramai London introduces to us why 100% GOTS certified organic linen is their must-have for a business meeting all year around and why we should consider it in our next meeting as well. Have a look at the Expert Talk

what to know about "Bespoke"
A small Guide

Nothing like a bespoke suit or costume! Being fitted just for you, it is a magic key to play your strengths and to make you feel confident and professional. This is YOUR piece of clothing that will last (normally) a long time and will accompany you along your journeys of interviews, business meetings and presentations. From timeless pieces to extraordinary manufacturing, it is also an opportunity to express your individuality, to give your work uniform a bit of a twist. But let me stop here and let me introduce to you The Bespoke Dudes. A blog I discovered recently about the bespoke world. I highly recommend having a look! The details, the knowledge and the style make the blog for me a great source for beginners to pros in that field.


How to Dress for a Corporate Christmas Party

Together with The Cherry Moon, I created this look to show a “Little Black Dress Look” that works for a corporate Christmas Party or Dinner with flats or high heels. I think it is important to choose a dress, that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Not showing to much, the transparent part of the sleeves create still a bit of sexiness as well while staying formal. The black color is sophisticated and can be easily combined with colors of expression or elegant statement high heels. Also, it is ideal to add statement jewelry to give the look an understatement but yet powerful and individual look.  

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How to wear dresses in winter for work

I love wearing dresses for meetings but it can be quiet challenging in winter with freezing temperatures. I prefer long sleeved dresses of wool, linen or cashmere mixtures which keep me warm. Also, I choose dresses which go well with long coats such as A-linen or fitted dresses. To round up the look, I wear over-knees in the office or ankle boots. For meetings, elegant pumps. High-quality stockings from Falke have always paid off for me as they last long and are not too sensitive. 

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Can I wear Animal print at work?

Good question! I’d say the typo of print if Leo, Zebra or Giraffe is not the factor you should be concerned off (as long as it is not REAL) but it is rather a question of proportion. Combining one statement piece with white or black is an absolute favorite for business dinners. It is not too formal, still has an understatement touch and it gives your outfit a bit of fun. Again, quality is key and I think it is very important to keep that in mind when you go shopping. Also, I would never combine animal print and smooth leather pants or over-knees in animal print as it is not appropriate for work. 

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How to wear Pullovers and Colors at Work

I am known for my pullover collection at work….in all kinds of colors! Grey is always a great basic and can be combined with everything but why not try a bit of color? 

Not sure, which color to use? Let me give you a quick color code: 

Red has a symbolism of power, energy, passion, fire and femininity (Renee, 2016; Lurie, 1981; Morton, 2012). The darker the red, the more passionate it is whereas lighter shades as pink are related to softness, infancy but also sympathy, admiration and marriage (McDonald, 2016; Lurie, 1981; Singh and Srivastava, 2011, p.202). Orange or golden shades of red are associated with wealth, material prosperity and aristocracy (p.195). Gold is the symbol of excellence, wealth, nobility (Morton, 2012, p.22).

Blue colors are related to harmony, honesty and faith. The darker the shade the more it is related to seriousness, hard-working, intelligence, professionalism and trustworthiness (Lurie, 1981, p.199; Renee, 2016; Morton, 2012, p.26). Lighter shades or pastel shades have a calming effect and are soft. These are associated with tranquility, peace and health, (Lurie, 1981, p.198; Morton, 2012, p.28). 

Yellow is the color of “youth, hope and cheer”, it has a highly positive attitude, spreads happiness and confidence with warmth (1981, p.197; Morton, 2012, p.30). 

Green is related to fertility, color of growth and renewal, whereas purple is the most expensive color and stands for aristocracy of mind and soul as well as dignity (Lombardi, 2009; Lurie, 1981, p.202; Morton, 2012, p.54). Especially lemon-green is related to freshness and health.

Important is to stay in one color family. Meaning try to combine pieces which have one color in common from head to toe. In this case, it is blue. 

Copyright @The Cherry Moon

How to wear White to the office

White is the colour of purity and innocence but also of wealth, sophistication, security, leadership and protection (Renee, 2016; McDonald, 2016; Lurie, 1981; Morton, 2012)….. sounds fancy and is fancy! 

Especially, white from head to toe with one color statement can give your outfit an extravagance on the next level! I love to combine blue and white but that might just be my maritime spirit. A white, swinging A-line dress is absolutely my favorite for summer but also in festive season combined with black, it can look delightful. I prefer silk or linen when it comes to material, as it gives the look the needed quality for a business dinner. Combining it with a white bag is a very interesting “pure” look. A must do: ONE COLOR STATEMENT AKA show-stopping shoes! 

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How to wear layers at work & stay warm

My statement look in the cold season at work?! Marlene Dietrich Trousers and chunky warm tops made out of wool or cashmere. Sometimes layered with a cape (yes, I am always cold). What I really like with long, high-waste trousers is the fact that they create loong legs, are very chick and glamorous and the hight combined with high-heels gives you this powerful entrance in the meeting room. The top is for me the statement- chunky, with colors such as green, blue or red I love to make a casual contrast. Or, if needed I combine them with a turtle neck in an understatement color in black and a black cape. A cape gives it that extra drama and elegance for the evening and can easily be worn instead of a blazer, I think. Again, quality is key! 

Copyright @The Cherry Moon

New Digital magazine for ethical Fashion & Lifestyle

A sustainable and smart mindset with fashion is a priority of Josephine’s Coaching Club. For this, reason I am always searching for new platforms and brands which are changing our consumption and way of spending on fashion. This time, I would like to introduce you to a fashion magazine, which is new on the market and has great potential to start a new sustainable movement: The KeiSei Magazine.

Its founder wants to change our “modern attitudes forwards consumerism and generating motivation for change”. Ethical fashion, beauty & lifestyle as well as inspiration are among the topics the magazine publishes every week with inspirational guest editors introducing to us newest brands as well as leading forward thinkers.

Enjoy reading and please let me know your experience as I am a content contributor for this magazine. 

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Scarfs that make your personality shine

Simple and smart fashion is a very important aspect for my styles at work. The pieces I select have to be powerful, combinable and sustainable in their manufacturing process. As I truly believe in the ability of accessories to make a personal statement, I would like to introduce to you a Swiss company full of colors: Seidenmann.

Seidenmann produces silk scarfs with playful motives and colorful images that give every outfit that extra flair. As the colors are designed by-hand in Zürich and then printed and manufactured by small family business in northern Italy, each piece is created with love and has an individual character. The colors are feminine, soft and full of joyfulness. The motives vary from more conservative to fun motives with donuts and ice cream (my absolute fav one is the donuts model).  I love to combine them with one-color outfits in dark blue, white or grey as it adds to the basic pieces some colors of expression. So it is perfect for business meetings in which you want to keep an understatement style but still want to keep an individual touch. Styling wise, I prefer to keep it simple: I braid it into my high pony tail, wrap it around my hair bun or wear it with my handbag. Also, as the scarfs are very thin, they are ideal to wrap it around the wrist. 

As a reader of Josephine’s, you can get 10% discount by using my discount code JOSEPHINE . 

They also do customized designs :)!

Btw: Scarfs with motives such as donuts can be a great conversation opener as humor makes you emotionally connectable. 

Scarfs with character @Seidenmann

P.S.: Quality but also transparency is important to me. This is a sponsored article of a product fulfilling my K.I.S.S criteria.  As this is a business and I put a lot of effort in it, I get a small commission for purchases through my website.