Coaching Packages


  • feel you are not representing yourself in the best light at work.
  • you have problems in selling or negotiating or presenting.
  • you are spending a lot on clothes, fitness and beauty to have a certain look but still do not feel like it represents your personality the way you wish.
  • you feel like you have more potential but are not able to show it at work.


Life’s a stage and you cannot not stage yourself. Be it in private or in business life. We represent a certain image to the audience. Regardless if we want to or not. We built a brand to our family, friends and business partners. This process of personal brand building is all about building up an image the audience can emotionally relate to (or not, if unsuccessful). A successful brand is able to create an image attractive to the audience, highly depending on appearance and performance (Gálvez, 2007).

Our appearance and our body language are subconsciously creating an image non-stop. This is because statements are not always made verbal but mostly nonverbal through symbols. Bevor communicating with our speech, we already communicated with another language: the language of clothes or body language. 

This club is designed to guide you to see how the powerful match of fashion and body language can help you in your career. Cause building a career is about brand building!

Let us connect to discover your potential together. 

3 Packages to keep it Simple & Smart

  • We look at your goals, your personality and how we can incorporate a personal brand building strategy with fitness and fashion that will help you present yourself the way you want to be. Products included: 20min introduction call, 3 x 30min consultation call, email support with material
    You want a quick check-up before an important meeting or interview? This package helps you to prepare before the event by looking at your perspective, your means and how your personal brand can be presented in the most advantage light possible. Package includes: 20min introduction call, 1 x 40min consultation call, email follow up.
    You want to kick-start your personal brand building for a new job, career change or to start your new business? This package is a quick starter for bringing you on track in your personal brand building. It helps you to analyze your strengths, gives you insights in body language and analyzing people as well as how the symbolism of fashion can support your pitch. Package includes: 20min introduction call, 2 x 30min consultation calls, email follow-up